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必威体育 betway简介
    天津市久大塑料制品有限必威体育 betway成立于1976年,1998年改制为有限责任必威体育 betway,是华北地区塑料编织行业骨干企业之一。必威体育 betway位于天津市宝坻区,交通便利,距北京机场、天津机场、天津港口车程均为40-50分钟。必威体育 betway占地面积100000平方米,员工1800人(研发技术人员60人),固定资产1.5亿元人民币。做为华北地区规模较大的环保购物袋生产厂商,我必威体育 betway进口PP颗粒原料后,拉丝、编织、印刷、复合、缝纫至成品均由我司自行完成。我们拥有5套自动拉丝机,高速圆织机200套,复合涂膜机4套,2套凹版印刷机,3套柔版印刷机,各式缝纫机1000余台。日生产能力20万条(20吨)。   我必威体育 betway于2003年通过了SGS必威体育 betway的ISO9001:2000国际质量管理体系认证和香港ITS必威体育 betway的SEDEX供货商稽核,是国内本行业首批获此资格的企业之一。必威体育 betway连续多年被评为市级先进企业并获得AAA级信用企业、质量信得过单位荣誉称号。我们生产的购物袋符合欧洲标准,编织袋通过“危包”认证。同时,我们的质检部门严格把关以确保产品不低于国家标准及客户要求。   近十年来我们以优质的产品质量和诚实守信的经营模式以及极具竞争力的价格优势,产品畅销欧美,我必威体育 betway具有中国进出口商品自营权,已与欧洲多家大型超市、零售商(Carrefour, Wal-Mart, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Delhaize等)建立了长期稳定的供求关系。特别是2008年国家“限塑令”出台以来,更是有力拉动了对环保购物袋的内需,我必威体育 betway以优质的产品质量及完美的售后服务赢得了国内各大零售业龙头企业的青睐,先后成为大润发、家乐福、乐购、沃尔玛、人人乐、易买得、世伴等企业供应商。   我必威体育 betway愿与海内外广大客户携手并进,共创美好未来!     TIANJIN JIUDA PLASTIC PRODUCTS CO., LTD.    Professional leading manufacturer of Reusable Shopping Bags & PP Woven Sacks established in 1998.  Our company located in Baodi District, Tianjin China, which is 40-50minutes driving from Beijing Airport, Tianjin Airport, Tianjin Sea Port. Our factory covering an area of 100,000 square meters, the building area is 80,000 square meters, owns the capital of RMB150 million and has staff more than 1,800, among them are 60 skilled technicians and engineers. WORKSHOP   Our factory is equipped with advanced production lines and high technology. We import PP material from aboard, and then, From the thread to finished bags, we have Integrated production structure. We have 5 sets of Auto Yarn-extrusion machines, High-speed circular weaving machines over 200 sets; Lamination machine 4 sets; Color printing machines 2sets and 3sets of Normal Printing machine; And various types of sewing machines more than 1000 sets. Our production capacity is 200,000pcs (20tons) per day. QUALIFICATION   In addition to the advanced production line and high-tech machines, and an AAA Credit Company rated by Tianjin Agricultural Bank, our management and production procedure are certified by ISO9001: 2000, Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit(by ITS). Our shopping bags meet European standards, and our pp woven bags (sacks) are approved by "Dangerous Goods Packages". Furthermore, our own Quality Inspection Department ensured the quality not lower than our National Standard and our buyer's requests. MARKET   Based on the quality products with competitive prices and our steady supply, our products are popular in main countries and areas in world, we also have Import & Export rights. We have a great deal of experiences in business with some famouse supermarkets, retail stores and hypermarket, such as Tesco, Carrefour, Delhaize, Morrisons, Metro, M&S, Sainsbury's, SPAR, Emart, etc. We will be very appreciated if you are interesting in transacting business with us,  you are warmly welcomed to cooperate with us and work together to create a bright future!